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Healing Hands New Website Terminology

  • DS – Direct Seller
  • Distributor means Outlet (Stockist)
  • PBV – Personal Business Volume
  • GBV – Group Business Volume
  • TBV – Total Business Volume
  • CPBV – Cumulative Personal Business Volume
  • CGBV – Cumulative Group Business…
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2020 Bonanza

Jan – April 2020

  • 600 Pairs or 6-6 Lacs BV with 300 Pairs for Swift Dzire VXi or equivalent.
  • 450 Pairs or 4.5-4.5 Lacs BV with 225 Pairs for Kwid Rxl or equivalent.
  • 120 Pairs or or 1.2-1.2 Lacs BV with 60 Pairs for…
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Healing Hands Forgotten Grains Unpolished Millets : The Positive Grain

Millets are traditional grains, grown and eaten in the Indian subcontinent for at least the past 5000 years. They are rain-fed, hardy grains which have low requirements of water and fertility when compared to other popular…

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Healing Hands Moto operandi is “Your Health, Our Concern” which can be achieved by our scientifically proven products. Healing Hands is dedicated to provide you effective products with the highest research, development and quality standards in the industry.

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